Research Grants



The Richard III and Yorkist History Trust offers grants of up to £5,000 to facilitate research  leading to the completion of editions of texts or leading to the completion of scholarly monographs relating to the political, cultural, religious, economic and/or social history of England in the fifteenth century, with preference given to projects focused on the Yorkist period (1461-1485). The projects thus sponsored can be published by the Trust in its established series.

Legitimate costs include:
• Personal subsistence (in the case of those otherwise unsalaried)
• Travel and related costs for archival and library work
• Fee payable to a named research assistant
• Buyout from teaching and other responsibilities

  • Other grants may be made at the discretion of the Trust

Quality, relevance and the needs of the applicant will be taken into account when assessing applications.  The Trust may give preference to Early Career Researchers, including those who have completed doctorates within three years of the date of application and/or are not in full-time and secure employment. In such cases, the grant-holder will be assigned a mentor from among the current Trustees to help guide the project to completion.

Please note that these grants are payable to individuals, and will be paid to institutions only where the relevant sum involves buyout from relevant duties.

Grants to principal investigators will be payable in two parts: three-quarters of the grant ‘up front’ and the remainder on delivery of the manuscript for publication. The individual is responsible for his/her own tax arrangements.

Grants to support a named research assistant will be paid directly to that person, who will be responsible for his/her own tax arrangements. As with grants to principal investigators, three-quarters of the fee will be paid in advance, and the remainder on delivery of manuscript.

Grants to institutions to support teaching will be made in advance and in full. In such cases, applicants must include in their applications authorised statements from the relevant institution detailing the relevant costs and the permission for release of duties.

There is a special form for applications available via this link

The application should be submitted electronically to the Secretary to the Trust, Gretel Jones