Research Monograph Series

The Trust augments its editions of texts and documents with a series of Research Monographs. This series is specifically designed to provide an opportunity for the publication of recently completed doctoral theses on topics in the same period. Though intended primarily for theses that would not otherwise be published, other substantial research monographs are not excluded. Each volume would be approximately 80,000 words, including footnotes, the conventional length of a doctoral thesis. The focus will be on the history of Britain and the English realm in the Yorkist Age. All aspects of that history will be eligible.

The judges will be the Publications Committee of the Trust. All manuscripts may be sent to specialist readers.

Proposals should include the abstract of a thesis or other equivalent synopsis, a list of chapters with short indicative summaries of content, and a clear statement of the work’s significance. If the proposal is accepted, one of the Trustees will be nominated to liaise with the author and take the publication forward through to publication.

The series, like the existing series, will be published by Shaun Tyas.

Proposals on the appropriate form (click here for a download link) should be sent electronically to the Secretary of the Trust, Mrs Gretel Jones,